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MaruzkaMaruzka Cára, plastic artist, publicity designer, illustrator, poet and set designer. Throughout her long career, now spanning for more than 40 years, she has designed several scientific books and published many works, including “My Suitcase, My Destiny”, a book about Juscelino Kubitschek, founder of Brasília and “Water Wings”, a poetry book. She also designed exhibition booths and decoration for major events.

In plastic arts, the artist has demonstrated her accomplished talent with portraits, transcendental sceneries, surreal themes and presently, Brazilian Nature portrayed through realism and hyperrealism.

Awarded in various contests and with works in several countries, she seeks in her themes, through the complex art of watercolor, not only to touch but also to incite reflections about the relationship between man and his habitat, between man and other living forms and between man and its essence of its being.